Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looking for health and fatter bones

After having yet another bone scan and more bone loss in 2010, and my doctor suggesting we do Reclast infusion (inject the drug directly into the vein), I checked the internet and found so many negative comments regarding Reclast, I looked up Alkaline diet as another suggestion for increasing bone. Angie Johnson has been helping me get started with her blog,, her Facebook posts and I want to thank her. This is not an easy journey; but I am determined to stay the course.

The basic diet includes eating fresh green vegetables, no meat, dairy, refined sugars, breads. Eating when hungry, stopping when full. (sounds familiar) because that is God's signals too. The food is kept uncooked for the most part. Raw Rules! I have made several dishes that taste wonderful are filling and do the job to help alkaline Nano Carol. SO let me share some of my recipes.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the shout out! I am so excited to follow your journey. It has helped me tremendously to have my own blog and support from other people.